Wall Calendar 2021 - The Kagyu Mönlam

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The 2021 wall calendar is really special for us! Our precious teacher, close to our hearts, Sabchu Rinpoché, with whom we had a magical week in December 2020, took part in it. This common event inspired us to create a wall calendar with the theme "Kagyu Mönlam".

Upon our expressed request, Venerable Sabchu Rinpoché reiterates, in this calendar, a summary of the teaching on the topic of mönlam or Aspiration practice (Skt. praṇidhāna; Tib. སྨོན་ལམ་) which he gave during the 5-day, Mönlam event on December, 2020, at our NALA centre, Prague.

For our goal of creating a calendar of the year on the theme of Aspiration practice, we would like to thank Rinpoché for his concise, month-by-month, sequential presentation of the topic.

Included photos are "the best of Kagyu Monlam" from Bodhagaya made by Topka Korlo, our close friend and world-renowned photographer and artist. 

With the passage from "A Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life" by the Buddhist teacher Śāntideva (8th-century CE), we dedicate the merit of printing this content to the limitless sentient beings to blossom their innate Buddha. Until then, may their guiding lights continue being there for them.

By buying this calendar you will support next Kagyu Mönlam 2021.

Unfortunately, this year Tibetan Lunar Astrological Datas are not included. We were not able to recieve this datas from the Eastern astrologists, because they usualy prepair them for Kagyu Mönlam celebration in Bodhgaya, wich didn´t take place this year. 

We hope you will enjoy using this calendar, integrating the short teachings, even without this lunar datas, as much as we will. 

As we receive the lunar dates, we will prepare the Tibetan Lunar Diary and we will let you know about sell opening.