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Buddha Shakyamuni reached Enlightenment approximately 2550 years ago in Bodhgaya, North India, where Kagyü Mönlam takes place every year – thousands of practitioners come her for several days and together they read wishes for the good of all beings. Pin badges with Buddha Shakyamuni on the background of the leaf of Bodhi tree, under which Buddha attained Buddhahood, have been brought from this year’s Kagyü Mönlam, directly from Mahabodhi Temple (Great Awakening Temple), blessed by the touch of the Tree of Enlightenment directly after the purchase.

Colour options: golden/silver

Attached to a safety pin

Size: cca 3 cm

*: Buddha Shakyamuni – pin badge - silver
In stock | 134/BUD
*: Buddha Shakyamuni – pin badge - gold
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