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Traditional Tibetan Khatas or Offering Scarf.

It is a custom to give a kata or offering scarf to lamas at a meeting as a sign of respect or as a gift for empowerment or teaching. Khatak symbolizes purity and compassion and is also used in a variety of ceremonies such as birth, wedding, funeral, graduation, guest arrival and departure. Khatas are decorated with Eight Auspicious Symbols.

In this sense, these five colors are the sign of the five dimensions, the five directions of this transcendental wisdom of Buddha, which we can realize as humans in the experience of the arrangement of our space, in the directions of the world. Blue, event. white (there are two traditions) then appears in the east along with the wisdom of a clear mirror reflecting the true nature of everything, yellow in the south with the wisdom of unity, red in the west resembles the wisdom of discernment and green in the north the wisdom of accomplishment. Integrating the center in its white event. the blue color (see above) shows the wisdom of the all-pervading Dharma itself.

These five colors, "rays" or directions of transcendental Buddhahood, "transcending and permeating the world," naturally gathers individual Buddha manifestations, aspects, or "figures" (forms) into the "five Buddha families (families)" represented by one leader Buddha (in Western literature called "dhyanibuddha") and one particular symbol.

These Buddhas (and symbols) are: blue Vajrasattva Aksobhja (dorje) or white Vairocana (dharma wheel) in the east, yellow Ratnasambhava (jewel) in the south, red Amitabha (lotus) in the west, green Amogasiddhi (double dorje or demon sword) on north, white Vairocana (Dharma Wheel) or blue Vajrasattva Akshobhja (Dorje) in the center.

In these cosmic directions, people can also turn to the "pure lands" that these transcendental Buddhas establish and create as pure fields of pure spiritual growth and development, opening up to people by creating good karma and true spiritual desires. The heavenly pure land of Buddha Amitabha, which is the desired destination of so many Buddhists, is therefore also called the "Western Paradise" or "Western Heaven".

High quality silk finish.

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