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The offering bowls, which involves mindful offering of nourishing and refreshing substances to the Awakened Ones (Buddhas). We offer all the riches of the world, of our own life, asking them to accept them and transform them in the blessing for all sentient beings. This practice is done through visualization and is an integral part of Buddhist meditation. It can be intensified and made more present in our everyday life – through the ritual offering practice which brings it from imagination and words to postures, gestures and deeds of the body.

For this purpose, we have an altar – specially designated space (often with a laid khata). It turns our mind to the presence of the Awakened Ones. The offering bowls are the essential tool for this practice.

Usually, metal bowls are used. There are seven of them, which symbolizes seven gifts that were used in old time India to welcome and honor important guests. These water for drinking and rinsing one’s mouth, bathing water, flowers (flower garlands are used to this day), incense smell, perfumed water (to refresh the face, neck and chest), food and harmonious sound or music.

Offering of these gifts (to Buddhas, for the benefit of all beings) is on a spiritual level done through the offering of water. It is poured “ceremoniously”, e.i. with one-pointed concentration and keeping the meaning in the mind, to the offering bowls. Water, a clear medium of purity and life, takes on this meaning together with our focused wishes. It gradually fills individual bowls and creates our devoted connection with the Awakened Ones, with Buddhas, and through them with all sentient beings, for whose benefit they perform their activity.


Available in:

Stainless steel without patina - larger bowl diameter 78 mm

Copper with ornaments and patina - larger bowl diameter 64 mm


material: Stainless steel without patina
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